Watch Ariana Grande Try To Explain What A Dick Bicycle Is To Ellen DeGeneres

People are speculating about what Ariana Grande’s new single “Side To Side” means — it’s about sex, duh! — but one line in particular that Nicki Minaj raps has caught the internet’s attention: “Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle.” So what exactly is a dick bicycle? Grande tried to explain on a recent episode of Ellen, but couldn’t really come up with a firm definition. “Is that like a banana seat?” Ellen DeGeneres asked. “Kind of… I don’t know, actually,” she responded. A recent tweet suggests she knows a little more than she’s letting on:

Some tweets lay it out more explicitly:

But here it is straight from the source:

In the same interview, she also confirmed that she’s in a relationship with Mac Miller. I wonder if he has a dick bicycle? My co-worker Gabriela June Tully Claymore helpfully provided this illustration: