Votaries – “Trick Tomorrow”

Votaries – “Trick Tomorrow”

Votaries is the current band of Jackson Scott, an Asheville resident with a penchant for psychedelia. From their upcoming debut album Psychometry comes “Trick Tomorrow,” an ever-so-airy tune that floats delicately between straight-up psych-rock and shoegaze, thanks to Scott’s vocal delivery (mostly soothing, sometimes harrowing, and occasionally pitch-shifted from what I can tell). The band plays gingerly, but the tension’s still there; Votaries are making dreams that you’ll actually remember when you wake up. Check it out below.


01 “Annihilation Generation”
02 “Trick Tomorrow”
03 “All Mine”
04 “Second Sister”
05 “Delusion”
06 “Succumb”
07 “Lucifer”
08 “Your Bed Is Melting”
09 “Rainbow Death Revisited”
10 “Ritualized”

Psychometry is out 10/28 via Wharf Cat Records. Pre-order it here.

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