Dylan Baldi Talks “Slowed Down,” “Vocal-Heavy” New Cloud Nothings Album

Cloud Nothings have a round of shows coming up this fall, and it looks like they’ll have a new album coming not long after. Ahead of this Sunday’s appearance at Independents’ Day in Columbus, Dylan Baldi tells Columbus Alive that the new project will be more low-key than 2014’s harrowingly intense Here And Nowhere Else:

Those songs are all so fast. It’s crazy to me. I don’t think I could write stuff like that again. Looking back, that was just what was happening in my life. I was in a different city every day for like three years. Everything was moving so fast and there was no breaking or slowing down, so I think musically … everything just came out that way.

In the time period since then, Baldi notes, “Things kind of slowed down, and so did we.” He adds that the new LP is more “vocal-heavy,” representing an increased confidence in his singing abilities:

On [the first album] I’m just quietly mumbling into a microphone. Then we made our [self-titled] record [in 2011] … and I was terrified to record my voice so I sang in a fake, high-pitched, nasally whine. Then with [Attack On Memory from 2012] I was like, “Maybe I’ll try to sing,” but I still don’t think I was very good. Every record is just learning to be better at everything I do.

Lastly, in keeping with what Baldi calls a growing awareness of the world around him, he says the topical scope of his latest music extends far beyond the personal struggles that have defined Cloud Nothings’ previous albums: “It’s about bigger things than me complaining — in my mind, at least.”

UPDATE: Although the Columbus Alive report indicated the album would be out this fall, Baldi clarifies on Twitter that it won’t be out until later. Given his use of a snowman emoji, maybe expect a winter release?