Weezer’s Pinkerton Goes Platinum 8 Days Before Its 20th Anniversary

Pinkerton, Weezer’s second album, was first a legendary flop and then just plain legendary. Upon its release in 1996, the album’s roughhewn hysterics were a shock to many fans of the band’s self-titled “Blue Album,” and critics weren’t too kind either. But within a couple years Pinkerton had become a cult classic, retroactively annexed into the formative emo canon and ranked by many Weezer fans as the band’s best work.

Given the album’s lengthy shadow, it’s surprising to learn that Pinkerton was only certified platinum last week, a mere eight days before its 20th birthday. The band shared the news on Instagram last night, as you can see below. The caption notes, “Thanks to all 1 million of you in the US and A and the many more #acrossthesea worldwide who bought it and loved it.”

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