Gorillaz Launch New Website … And Accidentally Reveal Tour Plans?

We’ve been hearing murmurs about a new Gorillaz album for years that feel like decades, but now the band-as-art-project seems to be actually ramping up towards something. Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages have seen a flurry of activity in recent days, and now fans probing around their relaunched website found some interesting intel. Per Reddit, the site’s source code includes pages titled Merch, News, and Live, the last of which indicates Gorillaz are going on tour sometime soon. Last we heard the “special” album wasn’t coming out until 2017, so don’t get your hopes up for anything imminent, but it seems like at some point next year you’ll be able to see the cartoon ensemble in concert.

As for the new album, maybe the 2017 thing was a feint and tomorrow comes today? Probably not, but let’s hope for a fall single at least.

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