Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”

After a teaser video earlier this week, Moby has officially announced a new album with the Void Pacific Choir called These Systems Are Failing. It’s the first record attributed to the VPC name after a series of singles over the past year that included “The Light Is Clear In My Eyes,” “Don’t Leave Me,” and “Almost Loved” (only that last one doesn’t appear on the album). Today, the project is sharing a new single, called “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?,” and a manifesto that lays out the goals of the album. You can listen to the new track via Pitchfork and check out the manifesto in both video and written form below.

in the beginning we were a desperate species
we needed things
and if you had things you were happy
you were fed, you survived
the things saved us, things like food, weapons, shelter
but after eons of struggle we won
the old deaths had left us alone
our ancestors died of rotten teeth and disease
our ancestors pushed back and they won
we kept eating as if we were about to starve
we kept fighting even though the old enemies were gone
we kept destroying the environment even though we were only destroying ourselves
we built great cities, great industries, great systems
these systems were supposed to feed us
but instead they’ve killed the animals, the land and us
these systems were supposed to protect us
but instead they’ve poisoned our air and our water
these systems were supposed to serve us, but instead they’re killing us
we’re still acting as our ancestors acted
grasping for food, destroying nature, killing animals, killing eachother, maintaining systems that haven’t worked in a long time
these systems are killing us
these systems are killing everything
these systems are failing
let them fail
change or die.

01 “Hey Hey”
02 “Break.Doubt”
03 “I Wait For You”
04 “Don’t Leave Me”
05 “Erupt + Matter”
06 “Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”
07 “A Simple Love”
08 “The Light Is Clear In My Eyes”
09 “And It Hurts”

These Systems Are Failing is out 10/14 via Mute. The vinyl edition is out 11/18.


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