Gucci Mane – “All My Children” Video (NSFW)

When Gucci Mane came home from prison a few months ago, after a few years away, he returned to witness a rap landscape that he had influenced hugely. And on “All My Children,” a track from his comeback album Everybody Looking, he celebrated that fact: “All of these rappers are all my children.” In the ridiculous and lightly NSFW animated “All My Children” video, from directing duo Yashxana, we see what happens when Gucci’s kids, rendered as tempestuous toddlers, get out into the world. It involves strippers and car chases, and I’m pretty sure the video includes barely-disguised versions of Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, and 21 Savage, among others. Watch the clip below.

Everybody Looking is out now on Atlantic. Gucci’s next album Woptober is out 10/17.