Beck – “Up All Night”

Beck – “Up All Night”

Beck’s new album, which is now reportedly set to come out sometime in November, looks like it’ll be a giddier, poppier affair than anything we’ve heard from the man in recent years. The summer single “Wow” seemed like an attempt to return to the dazed, funky Beck of the ’90s, and now we get to hear another new song that’s just as bright and upbeat. “Up All Night” appears in the new FIFA ’17 video game, and it’s a sprightly, bouncy song that honestly sounds more like Maroon 5 than it does like classic Beck. It’s certainly catchy, but it’s a long way from being a return to absurdist glory, even if it does include some neat production tricks. Listen to a rip of it below.

According to the latest issue of Q, “Up All Night” will appear on the album, as will “Wow” and “Dreams.”

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