Dane Terry – “One More Name In Nightlife”

We last checked in on Dane Terry nearly two years ago with “Kids,” a highlight from the New York piano man’s Color Movies album. That song was a graceful, gorgeous pop-rock slow drift straight out of the ’70s. Terry’s latest record is also retro in a sense but worlds apart from the last one: Golden Slogans Of The West contains three unreleased songs from his one-man stage show Bird In The House (which premiered La Mama in New York City in April 2015). The rest comprises songs from a forthcoming production commissioned by New york’s PS122 when they bestowed Terry with the Ethyl Eichelberger Award. He says the new play is “a sort of sci-fi ‘popera’ with the working title Mister Pictures In Boomtown.”

Neither Golden Slogans Of The West nor the new play will be out until next year, but today Terry shares a stunner from the album called “One More Name In Nightlife.” It’s a funky neon cowboy bop with a zany aside about borrowing a jet ski plopped in the middle of evocative lyrics like “I’ve a roommate in my body and he’s pacing all night.” Terry describes it as “Leon Russell meets Prince for a drink in a sleazy hotel lounge bar in Manhattan when neither one can sleep…” and if those words haven’t already won you over, the sounds certainly will. Listen below.

Golden Slogans Of The West is due out sometime next year, and Terry’s new play premieres in July 2017.

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