Le Tigre Reuniting To Release One-Off Track Next Month

The great dance-punk group Le Tigre, which is fronted by Kathleen Hanna, have gotten back together to record a new track that’s set to be released next month. Hanna revealed the news in a conversation with Meredith Graves for the Talkhouse Music Podcast, which was recorded earlier today. As Pitchfork points out, Hanna said that, “Le Tigre just got back together in the studio — you have the scoop — for a special song that we are going to release hopefully, like, early-to-mid-October. […] I will not say what it’s about, but it’s been really fun working with them again.” She went on to note that they were not going to release a new record or tour, and that this would be a one-off occasion.

You can watch their full interview below.

Le Tigre’s last album was 2004’s This Island. Hanna recently released a new album, Hit Reset, with her band the Julie Ruin.