Taylor Swift Signs Deal With AT&T For Super Bowl Event & More

Taylor Swift Signs Deal With AT&T For Super Bowl Event & More

Does Taylor Swift have a new album coming out this fall? This is the sort of question that we, at Stereogum, talk about all the fucking time on Slack. (Our own Chris DeVille also recently wrote a column to ponder this and other questions.) Since the beginning of her career, Swift has reliably cranked out a new album every other year, releasing it in fall. She’s due. But after achieving omnipresent superstardom, she might have finally decided to take a break. We still don’t know what’s up with a new album, if one even exists, but she’s not taking a break. And today, she’s announced a new deal with the people responsible for my shitty and overpriced cell-phone service.

Today, AT&T announced that they’d signed Swift to a “major, exclusive multi-year, multi-faceted deal featuring performances and content.” That deal includes a big performance in Houston on 2/4 of next year at DIRECTV Super Saturday Night, the night before the Super Bowl comes to town. There will be more details later, apparently, and Swift has tweeted this:

This could certainly be an example of Swift making herself even richer than she already is. (Personally, I am entirely OK with the idea of her getting a few cents from my astronomical cell-phone bill.) But it would be pretty cool if she had some new songs to play.

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