Watch A Trailer For Ecco: The Videos Of Oneohtrix Point Never Featuring Val Kilmer

Oneohtrix Point Never released the excellent album Garden Of Delete last year, which we included on our list of the 50 best albums of 2015. Soon, he’ll debut a video for the stand-out track “Animals,” starring none other than Val Kilmer. The new Rick Alverson-directed piece will premiere during the opening of Ecco: The Videos Of Oneohtrix Point Never, a retrospective on Daniel Lopatin’s visual work. The exhibit opens on 10/28 at UCLA’s Hammer Museum. Here’s what the exhibition curators have to say about “Animal”:

While “Animals” might be understood as a straightforward portrait of the actor Val Kilmer, the strobing effects and stuttered frames that disrupt the scenes do what they can to undermine this… Fragmented sounds and samples from popular sources are often slowed down, pitched, manipulated, layered, and repeated in a manner that is as musically weightless and soothing as it is haunted and jarring.

Watch the preview below.