Watch Sky Ferreira Sing Twin Peaks Song “Falling” With Julee Cruise At David Lynch Festival

In a few famously strange and otherworldly scenes from David Lynch’s original Twin Peaks series, Julee Cruise sang wisply dream-pop in a roadhouse saloon. This past weekend, Lynch brought his Festival Of Disruption to Los Angeles, and the music festival included Angelo Badalamenti, Lynch’s longtime musical collaborator, hosting a showcase at the Ace Hotel. During that show, Cruise sang her song “Falling,” which Badalamenti and Lynch co-produced. (It’s a variation on Badalamenti’s instrumental Twin Peaks theme.) And she sang it with Sky Ferreira, a singer who, along with Cruise, is in the cast for the forthcoming Twin Peaks reboot. Watch fan-made video of their performance together below, via Pitchfork.


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The new season of Twin Peaks is coming to Showtime next year.