Green Day Fan Proposes To Girlfriend At Band’s Hot Topic Album Signing

There are probably some places in the world more romantic than a Hollywood Hot Topic store during an autograph signing, but at least one couple might beg to differ. On Saturday night, during a Green Day in-store signing, a fan evidently proposed to his girlfriend. The two of them waited in line, got right up by the band, and then he proposed. And she said yes! The whole occasion was captured by cameras and posted on the band’s Instagram, with the slightly bemused band applauding. (Unfortunately, the cameras didn’t capture the actual proposal, so we don’t know if he said, “Do you have the time to listen to me whine forever?”) Watch it below.

Will You Marry Me? #shesaidyes #rageandlove #greenday #hottopic in store signing LA

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Public make-a-spectacle-of-yourself proposals seem like they’re always a bad idea. This particular public proposal seems especially fucking ridiculous. But whatever, these two look happy. Life is short and difficult, and if you need your favorite ’90s pop-punk stars to acknowledge your impending nuptials, then you have to do what you have to do.

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