Pearl Jam’s Un-Nominated Third Drummer Asks Them To “Do The Right Thing” If They Get Inducted Into Rock Hall

Pearl Jam’s former drummer, David Abbruzzese, took to Facebook today to talk about Pearl Jam’s Hall Of Fame nomination. As we previously noted, only two of Pearl Jam’s drummers — its current one Matt Cameron and co-founding drummer Dave Krusen — were included in the nomination. It’s the first time the Hall Of Fame is specifying which members will be honored, and Abbruzzese, who was the band’s third drummer and fired in 1994, was not among them. Here’s what he had to say on Facebook:

And later:

Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Pearl Jam are actually inducted and if so, if they “do the right thing” in April.

UPDATE: Abbruzzese has a request. He shared this on Facebook 10/23…

I AM REQUESTING THAT THE MEDIA PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ATTEMPTING TO MAKE A negative STORY OUT OF THIS. It is a drag that these ‘writers’ are taking FACEBOOK comments out of context and using them to create a story that doesn’t exist.
I AM NOT SLAMMING THE HALL OF FAME OR PEARL JAM. I understand that there may be some flaws inherent to the balloting process. I reacted emotionally, and my reaction was based on a lack of understanding. I have spoken to friends and peers and I am resolved to wait patiently to watch and see how it works out. I am not looking to ruffle any feathers. I am not angry with the RRHOF or PEARL JAM.