Rush Limbaugh Is Obsessed With Caribou, Caribou Tells Him To Fuck Off

Rush Limbaugh can’t do without Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You.” He played it on his show on Thursday and talked about it for quite a while:

This is my new favorite song of all time right now, folks. I’ve been grooving to it in every free moment that I have. It’s called Can’t Do Without You, and that’s the whole lyric line.

Whoever wrote this song was really missing the babe, because that’s it, for six minutes, “Can’t do without you,” by a group called Caribou. But it takes two minutes to get into the actual tune here, which we don’t have, so if you want to produce a bumper here, go at about 3:10 — well, here’s a flavor — no, take it out. Start at 3:10 and then give me the next two minutes of it and then you’ll get to the meat of it, at least my favorite part.

Way to go, Snerdley, you’ve been paying attention, you sent this up to the broadcast engineer. I thought when I heard this, “Wait, it can’t be, it can’t be.” This is like a Christmas present. This is a surprise. Really cool Christmas present. That’s thoughtful. That’s considerate. That’s really cool.

How did I what? Oh. Snerdley wants to know, since I can’t hear new music, how did I discover this new song that I’m obsessing on? I was watching one of my formerly enjoyed TV shows, How to Get Away with Murder. Have you ever seen that? And it was last week’s episode or the week before, I forget which, but two lesbians are sitting in a bar, that was the scene, they’re getting all touchy-feely and this techno music started, and the captioning had the lyrics, and the lyrics said, “Can’t Do Without You.”

I said, “I never heard of this,” so I Shazamed it, what the hell was this. There was dialogue, they were talking, I could just hear the base rhythm, which is what hooked me. So I Shazamed it, and Shazam told me it was “I Can’t Do Without With You” by Caribou. So I went and looked, and there’s two versions. There’s a single and an extended mix, which is six minutes. The extended mix is the one. I said, “If we’re gonna make a bump out of this, you need my guidance on this. We can’t escape the vocals, but they’re not obtrusive.” It would be just like when I was watching the scene on the TV show. They kept talking. You couldn’t hear the vocals. It won’t matter. It’s actually cool.

Understandably, Caribou isn’t too happy about his music being used by Rush Limbaugh. (I’m having déjà vu here…)

Still, it’s better than Glenn Beck’s Muse obsession.