The Chainsmokers – “Closer” (Feat. Halsey) Video

The Chainsmokers, everyone! In interviews, they come across as monstrous dipshits! But they also make very effective pop music! “Closer,” the Chainsmokers Halsey collab, is essentially a coffeehouse-folk duet with EDM synth-waves stapled on, and it’s been the #1 song in America for basically forever. (I really like it.) The song is only just getting a video now, presumably because the Chainsmokers are about to release Collage, which they’re calling an “EP bundle.” (It’s presumably not just a straight-up EP because it’s three already-huge hits and one new song.) In the video, Halsey co-stars alongside Andrew Taggart, the more-visible Chainsmoker, and it tells the entire fictional story of their relationship. That means it’s 70% intense makeout sessions, 20% forlornly staring into the distance, and 10% dramatic walkouts. If you’re curious, you can go ahead and check it out below.

The Collage EP is out 11/4 on Columbia.