The World Series Has Its Own One-Sided Rap Feud

The World Series begins tonight in Cleveland, and Billboard, God bless them, have discovered a musical tie-in. Turns out Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer recorded a rap song called “The Gutter To The Grail” upon joining the Tribe back in 2013, shouting out many of the teammates that helped Cleveland to the playoffs that season. It’s as bad as you’d expect a white baseball pitcher’s rap song to be, and you can hear it below.

Even more intriguing is the Bauer song you can’t hear. Billboard dredged up an old report that the pitcher once recorded a track called “You Don’t Know Me,” a sonic knuckleball aimed directly at his former Arizona Diamondbacks teammate, catcher Miguel Montero. Without naming names, Bauer reportedly rapped, “You hide behind the mask to facilitate a task/ But you don’t know me.” Montero now suits up for Cleveland’s World Series opponent, the Chicago Cubs, which suggests this may be the first World Series to involve rap beef. Unfortunately, “You Don’t Know Me” has been deleted along with the rest of Bauer’s SoundCloud page, so we’ll just have to imagine all the awkwardly passionate fury that went into that one.

Game 1 of the World Series airs at 8:08 ET on Fox tonight.