Watch A Completely Unlikely Conversation Between Pusha T And Tim Kaine

Pusha T has lately been working hard to help elect Hillary Clinton president, and he recently did some campaigning in Miami with a fellow Virginian, Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine. Clinton’s YouTube page just posted a video of Kaine and Pusha in conversation, and all I can think about is how Pusha must just be sitting there, all his synapses firing, trying so hard not to say any of the Kaine/cocaine puns that he’s obviously thinking out loud. The video itself is fairly innocuous campaign stuff, with Pusha and Kaine talking about criminal justice reform and about education inequality. But it’s still a fascinating document of where we are in the world: Kaine, in his dad-dork voice, sitting down with Push Ton Ki and saying, “Thank you, Pusha T, it’s great to be with ya!” Or: “I’m so impressed with not only your art, but that you are speaking a message to you and helping advance our country and our commonwealth.” I mean, it’s good. Clinton should be president, and it’s great to see Pusha using his celebrity for good. But also: It’s just weird! Watch it below.

It turns out that political awareness is what happened to that boy. (It’s also worth mentioning, I suppose, that Kaine is a huge and vocal Replacements fan, so it’s not like he doesn’t know anything about drug references in music.)