Watch Conor Oberst Howl Through Two Stripped-Down Songs On Kimmel

For his new album Ruminations, the onetime Bright Eyes mastermind Conor Oberst returned home to Omaha and recorded a set of sad, vulnerable, relatively un-ornamented songs while snowed in. It’s a raw, open-wound sort of album, which makes it a bit odd to see Oberst singing its songs in the snarky confines of the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio. But that’s where Oberst was last night. On the show, an unshaven and clammy Oberst sat at a piano, with one of those harmonica-holder doohickeys around his neck, to sing “Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out,” with only a guitarist there to accompany him. And as an online bonus, he also did “Gossamer Thin.” Watch both performances below.

Ruminations is out now on Nonesuch.