Radiohead Announce More Festival Dates

If you’re like me, Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool has been unfolding before you with renewed splendor now that it’s autumn and the weather is beginning to cool off. Another thing that’s true about you if you’re like me: You are hoping Radiohead will announce more extensive North American tour dates for 2017 after playing only a handful of major markets this year. Even though I’m almost certain that’s going to happen eventually, in the meantime we have to settle for a bunch of European festival dates and consider it a goodwill gesture that they’ll be actively touring throughout next year.

Last week we learned the band would headline the 2017 editions of England’s Glastonbury Festival and Poland’s Open’er Festival, and this week they’ve been rolling out more fest confirmations: Denmark’s Northside Festival, France’s Main Square Festival, Holland’s Best Kept Secret Festival, and Belgium’s Rock Werchter. As for we Western Hemisphere folk, true love waits!

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