Shortest-Ever Hot 100 Hit “PPAP” Gets A Long Version

Last week, “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” — the debut track from fictional songwriter Piko-Taro, who was created by Japanese comedian Kazuhito Kosaka — became the shortest-ever song to hit Billboard’s Hot 100, mostly thanks to a Justin Bieber co-sign and a lot of YouTube streams due to the video’s absurd, viral nature. Now, the novelty of the track has been ruined by a longer version that clocks in at over two minutes and stretches the amusingly short 45-second track to an interminable two minutes. Here’s the extended version:

Well, that was fun while it lasted — as with most good things in life, “PPAP” has now been ruined. But good on Kosaka for trying to make a “thing” of it and grab some money while he still can.

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