Little Big Town Reveal Taylor Swift Secretly Wrote Their New Single

Back when the world found out that Taylor Swift had written Calvin Harris/Rihanna chart hit “This Is What You Came For” (but before she pettily covered it in concert), we speculated what would happen if Swift worked as a song doctor behind-the-scenes more often. Turns out she has been doing some of that: Country group Little Big Town just revealed that Swift wrote their new single “Better Man.”

“[‘Better Man’] was one that was really special to her … and she thought of us because of the harmonies,” the band’s Karen Fairchild said in a press conference (via The Tennessean). “The moment that we heard it, we were like, ‘Man that is a song that we’re going to cut.”

When the song was released a few weeks ago, they kept the songwriter a secret, saying it was written by “a young girl in Nashville”: “We knew we would tell eventually. It was a hard question to dodge for a while,” Fairchild said. “At her heart, she is the biggest pop star in the world, but she’s a songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, and she likes to tell a story.”

They decided to reveal the big songwriter’s identity in advance of the CMA Awards tomorrow, where they’ll perform “Better Man” live. Listen to it below.

It certainly sounds like an early Swift cut!