ANOHNI – “Hopelessness” Video

ANOHNI – “Hopelessness” Video

ANOHNI recently wrapped up a trilogy of stark, simple, powerful videos for “Drone Bomb Me,” “Crisis,” and “I Don’t Love You Anymore,” three songs from her 2016 album Hopelessness. Today, she’s got a new video for the album’s title track, and it’s not like the others. This one is a vivd, strange, cryptic vision from the filmmaker Alex Carver. It involves horses, eels, luxury cars, and one very angry mob. Below, watch the video and read a statement about it from Carver.

Here’s how Carver describes the video:

Medieval barbarism and fascistic architecture haunt the fever dream of an anonymous corporate woman. Within the dream, distant past and distant futures are irrationally fused in a bizarre, iconic vision of martyrdom where animals are citizens and people are drones.

Hopelessness is out now on Secretly Canadian.

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