Animal Collective Endorse Clinton, Urge Fans Not To Vote Third Party

There’s a Presidential election today! Please go vote. And please listen to Animal Collective when they say that you should not vote for a third-party candidate or anyone else besides Hillary Clinton. The band officially backed the Democratic nominee for President in an Instagram post today, with a special message towards those who may consider voting third party:

We’ve been quiet this election aside from registration drives, but we feel compelled to say our support is with Hillary Clinton today. To those who share a similar world view to us but are choosing to stay home or vote for a 3rd party as a protest because you think there is no difference between Clinton and Trump, we know how you feel to some extent. The 2000 election was the first election all four of us could vote, and we had a 3rd party candidate in Ralph Nader saying there was no difference between the two major party candidates. Some of us were taken in by that argument, voted for him, and then watched as Gore lost Florida by a smaller margin than the votes Nader received. We then watched our government ignore the Kyoto Protocol, further deregulate financial markets, and start a preemptive war with Iraq (just to name a few things). There was a difference then. There is a difference now. Please vote today and consider your actions carefully, whatever they may be. We’ve each decided #imwithher

And from this lowly music blogger: Please don’t throw away your vote! In an election where one of the candidates is promising to call into question the validity of the results, a resounding popular vote in favor of Clinton would go a long way in hopefully guaranteeing a smooth transition of power. Find your nearest polling place here.