The Chainsmokers – “All We Know” (Feat. Phoebe Ryan) Video

Pop-genius villains the Chainsmokers may have lost their iron grip on Billboard’s #1 spot to Rae Sremmurd this week, but they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Two weeks ago, they released their new EP Collage. And today, they’ve shared a video for the EP’s one new song, the sugary Phoebe Ryan collab “All We Know.” The Chainsmokers themselves only have a quick Hitchcock-style cameo in the video. Instead, director Rory Kramer shows a full bro breakdown, as a young man gets some bad news on the phone and proceeds to freak the fuck out. Kramer films it all through a weird GoPro-inspired style, and it makes for an absorbing vision. Check it out below.

The Collage EP is out now on Columbia.