Britney Spears – “Slumber Party” (Feat. Tinashe) Video

This past summer, OG teenpop queen Britney Spears returned with her Glory album. And this past week, Spears released a new version of the bubbling album track “Slumber Party” that featured spacey R&B star Tinashe. Today, she unveiled the glossy, sexed-up “Slumber Party” video, which takes place at one of those big, mysterious Eyes Wide Shut-style mansions that apparently exists entirely so that large groups of people can do freaky things there. Director Colin Tilley shoots Spears snuggling up to Tinashe, licking up a glass of spilled milk, and spending quality time with face-pained fire-breathers. There’s also a lot of colored smoke. The whole thing looks very much like that early-’00s period when people still spent money on music videos. You can watch it below.

Glory is out now on RCA.