Hamilton Actor Addresses Criticism Of Message To Mike Pence On CBS This Morning

In this past weekend’s biggest, dumbest news story, Donald J. Trump, our president-elect, spent a couple of days freaking out on Twitter over what happened when his VP Mike Pence went to see Hamilton on Broadway. The theater crowed booed Pence, and the cast delivered a respectful but lecturing message directly to Pence from the stage after the play was over. On Twitter, Trump repeatedly demanded apologies, while Pence claimed that he wasn’t offended. And now Brandon Victor Dixon, the cast member who delivered the message, has gone on record, saying that the cast had nothing to apologize for.

Appearing on CBS This Morning today, Dixon said that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda helped write the statement, though the cast made “adjustments” to the text. Dixon also invited Trump to the show and, regarding Trump’s idea that the cast had “harassed” Pence, said, “Conversation is not harassment, and I was really appreciative that Vice President-Elect Pence stood there and listened to what we had to say. I mean, I know some people have said that a one-sided conversation or lecture is not a conversation, but it was the beginnings of a conversation, I hope, that we can continue to have.” Here’s the video of Dixon’s appearance:

In that appearance, the CBS This Morning hosts mentioned E Street Band guitarist Stevie Van Zandt, who, in a series of tweets this weekend, criticized the cast of Hamilton for making the statement:

There’s a lot more of that at Van Zandt’s Twitter. And while he didn’t publicly disagree with his bandmate, Bruce Springsteen did tweet this yesterday:

It’s perhaps worth noting that Trump’s buddy Chris Christie is a massive Springsteen fan who’s been to many shows. To the best of my knowledge, Springsteen has never directly addressed Christie or his policies from the stage.