Haim Surprise Their High School History Teacher For California Lottery Video

The Haim sisters have teamed with the California Lottery for a campaign honoring teachers called Back To The Start. As part of their involvement with the program, Danielle, Este, and Alana returned to Los Angeles County High School for the Arts to surprise their former history teacher, Mr. Freedman. The resulting video short is three minutes of warm, fuzzy vibes that will give you some kind of hope for America, however briefly. Watch below, where you can also read a note from the band.

Growing up in LA, my sisters and I were all lucky enough to go to the same public schools and meet some pretty inspiring teachers. In high school, we all had the same history teacher, Mr. Freedman. His class was our safe zone to speak freely, voice our opinions, and share our dreams. He is someone that all three of us look back on fondly and still talk about today. We teamed up with California Lottery for their Back To The Start series to surprise and thank him for all he did for us.
Watch our story here and #ThankaTeacher

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