SNL’s Colin Jost Responds To PWR BTTM Following Widespread Criticism Of His Weekend Update Trans Joke

On the last episode of Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost made a bad joke about Tinder’s new gender identity options, which allow transgender and non-binary users to choose from categories beyond the usual male/female. “The dating app Tinder announced a new feature this week, which gives users 37 different gender identity options,” Jost said. “It’s called ‘Why Democrats Lost The Election.'” Unsurprisingly and totally understandably, there was a huge backlash on social media — including from queer punk duo PWR BTTM, who rightfully called him out on Twitter. Slightly more surprisingly, Jost has only responded to PWR BTTM:

Jost also defended the joke by linking to an also very controversial New York Times op-ed calling for The End Of Identity Liberalism, which is exactly the wrong lesson to take from this election.