Chance The Rapper Talks Forthcoming Debut Album, Donald Trump

It’s crazy to think that Chance The Rapper still hasn’t released an official debut studio album, but it’s true — all of his projects have technically been mixtapes. That debut album might be on its way, though, as he revealed in a recent interview with DJ Semtex for BBC Radio 1Xtra, XXL reports. “What is next? I’ll probably put out an album,” Chance said. “I don’t know exactly the format every time when I’m making something, but a lot of times I have an idea, and I think what I’m working on right now is an album.”

But, as he explained, “I also think it’s in two parts. I think that when I’m making music, usually I’m writing it because I want you to listen to in the car, and I’m also thinking of the day we finally meet and I get to play it for you, in bunch of a front of people, and we get to sing along. So, in part, yeah I want to make an album. My mixtapes have been confused for albums for a long time so it has to be something different. Something that you can consider an album, it might not be physical, or a disc or something, but an album that comes with its own live show is important.”

He also talked about working with Kanye West, his family’s relationship with Obama, and the recent election, saying that he knew Trump was going to win. “Anybody in the world who’s surprised by the election of Donald Trump has been ignorant of racism, and the tides and patterns of American history and world history,” he said. Watch the full interview below.