Childish Gambino Announces Awaken, My Love! Virtual Reality Vinyl

On Friday, Childish Gambino, better known to some of us as Donald Glover, will return to the realm of music after giving us the great TV show Atlanta, releasing the new album Awaken, My Love!. Early tracks “Me And Your Mama” and “Redbone” suggest that this will be a funky, experimental affair that may not have any actual rapping on it. And now Gambino is selling a “virtual reality limited edition” vinyl version of the album — without actually letting us know what is virtual reality about it.

According to Gambino’s website, the new version of the album, spread across two 45 RPM 12″ vinyl discs, will include a poster and a digital download. The actual price of the vinyl is subject to change — it’s at $59.99 right now — and delivery date has yet to be determined. This one, it would appear, is for the deep heads.

Meanwhile, Gambino also has a new iPhone and Android app called Pharos Earth, which works with mobile virtual reality headsets and which will offer an “immersive experience” of “Me And Your Mama.” My phone is too old and busted to get it to work, but maybe you’ll have better luck. It’s available here.