Girlpool Talk New Full-Band Album Powerplant

The Philly-via-LA DIY punk duo Girlpool made their mark with a spare, simple sound — two guitars and two voices, with absolutely nothing else accompanying them. It was an original, intimate sound, and it made the two of them sound like they were united against the rest of the world. But on their next album, they’re trying something else. They’re playing with a full band.

The FADER reports that Girlpool’s next album, the follow-up to 2015’s great full-length debut Before The World Was Big, is coming next year, and that it’s called Powerplant. They’d originally planned to record it with Jeff Tweedy in Chicago, but because of scheduling conflicts that were making everything take too long, they ended up doing it on their own in Los Angeles. The album is 12 songs and 28 minutes, and they’re figuring out which label should put it out. There’s no release date or anything concrete like that, but it might make sense to start getting excited now anyway. Check out the full FADER cover story here.

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