Drake Is Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist Of The Year Again

Here’s a measure of how ridiculously, absurdly popular Drake is right now. For the past two years, he’s made his music available to stream on Apple Music before he’s let the service’s competitors have it. And yet Spotify, Apple Music’s main competitor, just anointed Drake as its most-streamed artist of the year for the second year running.

It’s perhaps worth nothing that Adele and Taylor Swift, Drake’s two biggest rivals for the “biggest pop star in the world” title, effectively took themselves out of the running for those sorts of Spotify records. Still, Drake songs were streamed on Spotify 4.7 billion times this year, up from 1.8 billion streams last year. That is something. Also, this year “One Dance” broke a record, previously held by Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” and became Spotify’s most-streamed song of all time. (Spotify users love slinky, EDM-flavored reggae-pop.) Drake’s Views, meanwhile, is Spotify’s most-streamed album of the year.

Meanwhile, in other Spotify news, early Spotify investor Par-Jorgen Parson tells Reuters that the company could finally become profitable as early as next year.

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