Ride Working On First Album In 20 Years

Ride Working On First Album In 20 Years

UK shoegaze legends Ride reunited last year for touring purposes, and they’ve been playing a new song or two live in recent months. But up until now, there’s been no talk of a new album. So it’s pretty awesome to see that they’re currently in the studio, working on their first LP since 1996’s Tarantula, which came out after their breakup.

As SPIN points out, producer Erol Alkan recently tweeted a photo of the band in the studio, claiming that he was producing their new album. And it’s true: There’s a new Ride album scheduled for release next year, and Alkan is the producer.

Meanwhile, Ride themselves have tweeted a photo of their studio setup:

And in other returning-shoegaze-legend news, Slowdive recently updated their Facebook with a new photo that looks like it could also be a tease of some new recordings:

More and more, it looks like 2017 will be a great year for getting stoned, strapping on headphones, and hiding under blankets.

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