Katie Gately – “Lift” Video

Katie Gately – “Lift” Video

The wormy, weird pop music on Katie Gately’s debut full-length, Color, led us to include the LA-based musician on our Best New Bands Of 2016 list, and today, “Lift,” the opening song of her debut, has a new video to go along with it that matches the track’s frenetic pace with a rush of animated monsters and geometrical figures. It was animated by Louis Morton and Simon Wilches-Castro, and the former had this to say about the clip:

When I first heard ‘Lift’ I immediately started thinking of specific images, not even knowing that I’d be making a video. The amazing thing about the song to me is how the many layers interact with each other. Any given second of the song can sound terrifying, beautiful and hilarious all at once. At the same time, I was listening to the music I was really into studying Illuminated Manuscripts and Medieval Illustrations. In my mind the chaos of the music paired well with this look so I came up with the idea of depicting an ancient society, their rituals and preparations for monsters. (The monsters were expertly animated by Simon Wilches-Castro). I love working with Katie’s music because there are so many ideas buried in there to play with, and the silliness and utter beauty of it all lends itself well to animation.

Watch below.

Color is out now via Tri Angle Records.

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