Girls’ Christopher Owens Forms A Band Called Curls, Again

Girls released two instant-classic albums (and one instant-classic EP) before dissolving in 2012. Since then, frontman Christopher Owens has put out a couple of solo albums and sold some beaded necklaces, but now, after meeting San Francisco musicians Cody Rhodes and Luke Ba?e in local recording sessions, he’s forming a new band called Curls.

Funnily enough, this is actually the second band called Curls that Owens has formed. In 2005, after moving to San Francisco, he started a band called Curls with his girlfriend Liza. The plan was for Owens to write the music and for Liza to write the lyrics and sing, but after they broke up, Owens took the songs he had written, wrote new lyrics for them, and recorded them with Chet “JR” White under the name Girls.

So here’s hoping that this new Curls can lead to equally great things!