United Nations Committee On The Peaceful Uses Of Outer Space Recognizes Brian May’s Asteroid Day

Brian May wasn’t satisfied being the legendary guitarist for Queen; in 2007, he earned his PhD and became an astrophysicist. And as a scientist, May’s chief concern is the Deep Impact/Armageddon threat. He wants Earth to be ready in case of any possible devastating asteroid impacts.

May is one of the people behind Asteroid Day, an international awareness campaign. Three years ago, worked with with director Grigorij Richters on a cautionary tale of the devastation that would result in an asteroid impact on London. (May also composed the music for the film.) He’s also joined a group of prominent scientists — including American science guy Bill Nye — on an initiative to convince the nations of Earth to work together to ready ourselves for any potential asteroid threats. And now he has the backing of the United Nations.

The UN has proclaimed that 6/30 will officially be recognized as Asteroid Day. May and his fellow Asteroid Day cofounders have issued a statement in recognition:

What if Brian May saves our planet from devastation and he’s still more famous for the solo on “We Will Rock You”?

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