Live Reunite With Ed Kowalczyk For Tour, New Music

Upon the 20th anniversary of Live’s alt-rock blockbuster Throwing Copper, I reflected on the sad state of the band’s component parts in the interim since their 2009 hiatus:

[Ed] Kowalczyk represents, for all intents and purposes, the totality of Live in the popular understanding. You think of Live, you think of Kowalczyk spewing mystic nonsense in highly affected post-Vedder gulps, yelps, and shifts, possibly shirtless. That’s not to say the other members didn’t matter or never contributed anything, but nobody besides those who frequent unfortunately named Live fan sites could name any of them or pick them out of a lineup. That’s why it’s strange that, in the wake of money disputes and a lawsuit, the other three members are now touring with a different lead singer while Kowalczyk is out on his own keeping the spirit of Live alive by covering Imagine Dragons and such.

Not that Live generated any particularly stirring music from the time of “The Dolphin’s Cry” onward, but it still warms my heart to report that, as suspected, the family is officially getting back together. The original lineup of Kowalczyk, Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer, and Chad Gracey is comin’ back again — much like a rolling thunder chasing the wind — to tour and record new music. There’s an extensive Q&A with the band at Live’s official website, if you’re so inclined. There’s no word yet about where they’ll be performing or when the new music will drop, so bide your time by chugging some “Lakini’s Juice” below.