50 Cent Says He’s Quitting Power Because He Wasn’t Nominated For A Golden Globe

The Golden Globe nominees were announced this morning, and 50 Cent wasn’t one of them. He’s not so happy about that.

For the past few years, the rapper has been an executive producer on the Starz show Power, and he also co-stars as series antagonist Kanan. Despite being the network’s highest rated show, Power hasn’t gotten a lot of critical attention and has never been nominated for any major awards, and 50 Cent has about had it with being overlooked.

“I’m on the move again, Golden globe’s can suck a dick,” he wrote in an Instagram post today. “I accept my series POWER was not intended to be a signature show for the network but it is the highest rated show. I know my audience very well, I’m done promoting this out side of contractual obligations. SEASON 4 KANAN MUST DIE, I got other shit to do.” In another post, he hinted that boxer Floyd Mayweather would appear in the show’s upcoming fourth season.

“We are grateful for the excellent work being done on Power by the producers, cast and crew,” a spokesperson for Starz told Variety in regard to 50 Cent’s comments. “We certainly think this exceptional show has been overlooked by various awards committees, but the fans have made it the second most watched show on premium cable in 2016…and those are accolades that mean just as much if not more.”

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