Hear Vic Mensa’s New Jingle For Twitter’s Live Video Tool

Lately, Chicago rapper Vic Mensa has been getting press for his passionate advocacy of social causes; he was, for instance, among the protesters at Standing Rock recently. But Mensa isn’t above things like writing advertising jingles for social-media giants. Twitter is just now debuting its live-video capability, and the app recently shared a video advertising that new feature. The video features a track called “Live Like This (Go Live),” a short and sprightly track that Mensa co-produced with KNA. Mensa also stars in the video. (Another video star appears to be Evan Kessler, a stand-up comic who was a friend of mine in college. Hi, Evan!) Watch the commercial below.

Mensa’s recent EP There’s A Lot Going On is out on Roc Nation. It is nothing like that jingle.

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