Sad13 – “Just A Friend” Video

Earlier this year, Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis released Slugger, her debut album as Sad13. “Less Than 2” and “Get A Yes” have both gotten flashy, fashionable music videos, and today “Just A Friend” gets the same treatment, featuring Dupuis playing alongside her touring band intercut with a love story that plays out between two people. It’s framed as “a message to your jealous boyfriend.” Here’s what Dupuis had to say about the video, which was directed by Buzzfeed Video’s Sara Rubin:

One of the coolest things about growing up to work in the arts is how often I cross paths with friends I met going to arts camp as a kid. Sara Rubin and I met while campers at Buck’s Rock, eventually going on to work in their video and music departments respectively, and I’ve been a mega fan of her video work at Buzzfeed–I think I’ve got a dozen screengrabs of her series You Do You sitting on my desktop as I type this. So I trusted her absolutely to create a great narrative around the subject of the song, which is about how important it is to trust your partner’s friends, regardless of those friends’ gender identity (because to do anything else is some heteronormative toxic B.S.!). I’ve also never done a music video that was live performance based, and considering I played everything on the Sad13 album, it was really fun to get to make a performance video with the Sad13 touring band after spending the past 5 weeks on tour together.

Watch below.

Slugger is out now via Carpark.