Spotify Teases New Dirty Projectors Music Little Bubble

Spotify Teases New Dirty Projectors Music Little Bubble

After staying quiet for years, Dirty Projectors returned in September with the glitchy new single “Keep Your Name.” Dave Longstreth’s depressive lyrics and the song’s distinct lack of Amber Coffman ignited rumors of a breakup between the band’s central duo, and Coffman’s subsequent solo offering “All To Myself,” which featured backing vocals that sounded suspiciously like Longstreth, only made things more unclear.

Whatever the case may be, big things are definitely happening on the Dirty Projectors front. As one Redditor discovered this morning, Spotify just sent an email notifying subscribers of new Dirty Projectors music called Little Bubble, along with some artwork that looks like an emptier version of the Bitte Orca album cover. Unfortunately, the link in the email doesn’t work, and whatever Little Bubble actually is — either a new single or a whole new album — it isn’t actually on Spotify yet. But it might be soon — there’s already a record of it on Shazam — so be on the lookout!

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