Watch Travis Scott Curse Out A Security Guard In Auto-Tune

Travis Scott closed out Houston’s Day For Night festival last night, and his set was a pretty eventful one. Houston Rockets player James Harden made a brief cameo, but the real highlight was when Scott went the fuck off on a security guard. As The Houston Chronicle reports, Scott had handed a microphone to a fan near the front of the stage during his performance of “3500” when a security guard grabbed the mic back, and Scott immediately started cursing the guy out. “I will smack the fuck out of you, nigga,” he said. “Don’t ever take a fuckin’ motherfuckin’ mic out of my fuckin’ fan’s hand, man…No security touches a Travis Scott fan, bro.” The whole situation was made 1000% better by the fact that everything Scott said was in Auto-Tune, and you can watch the whole interaction below.