Avril Lavigne Condemns Mark Zuckerberg For “Bullying” Nickelback

These days, Nickelback are such a walking punchline that even a big ol’ nerd like Mark Zuckerberg can stuff them into a metaphorical locker. Which he did, in a recent joke video introducing his custom-built AI butler Jarvis. You see, Jarvis can also turn on the stereo system and play music for the Zuckerberg family whenever they want, but he absolutely refuses to put on Nickelback. Because Nickelback suck.

Nickelback jokes are pretty much the epitome of low-hanging fruit, but it’s also hard to dispute their basic premise — Nickelback do suck. Unless, of course, you happen to be Avril Lavigne, who used to be married to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and now serves as the band’s staunchest (and probably only) defender. In the wake of Zuckerberg’s brutal takedown, the singer has taken to Twitter to defend Nickelback and stand up to bullies everywhere:

You tell ‘em, Avril!