Cake Shop To Shut Down

Brooklyn Vegan reports that Cake Shop, the New York indie rock venue, is about to shut down; its final night will be New Years Eve. The venue has been operating on Manhattan’s Lower East Side since 2005, and it has long served as a great little headquarters for DIY music in Manhattan, a place that has become increasingly inhospitable to that stuff in recent years.

The venue’s performance space was in its basement, below a bar/cafe space that, yes, actually sold cake. Shows there felt a whole lot like house parties, with cramped environs and basically no stage. But the space helped incubate many, many bands who would go on to become a whole lot bigger; I have fond memories of seeing Vampire Weekend play the space about a decade ago.

The venue is going out with a series of what it’s calling End Of The Year/Era Rock Shows, and Brooklyn Vegan is reporting that Brooklyn post-punkers caUSE co-MOTION, who broke up in 2010, will reunite for Friday night’s show.

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