Marching Church – “2016” Video

Marching Church ended 2016 with the video for “2016,” a highlight from their recent album Telling It Like It Is. The song hits like a Stooges track with the sludge scraped off, and its video features Elias Bender Rønnenfelt burning a calendar as a sort of final fuck-you to a widely maligned year. The Iceage frontman offered some background in a statement:

We have reached the very tail end of 2016, the year which also spawns the title of this song. This is our attempt at a testament. Marching Church burns its calendar in a feeble and useless longing to undo the past 365 days marked by consistent atrocity, wronging and slaughter, while also taking us through resent ocular memories from the orient and its dirty pearls.

Watch below.

Telling It Like It Is is out now on Sacred Bones. Purchase it here.