Tinashe – “Company” Video

We’re still waiting on news of Joyride, R&B star Tinashe’s trapped-in-label-hell follow-up to her great 2014 debut Aquarius, but the new video for her single “Company” is a good start. The new video is a fun, high-concept affair. The whole thing is one long, sexed-up, athletic dance routine, and it’s presented as one long and unbroken camera shot, though I’m pretty sure there are at least a few hidden edits in there. We don’t often get to see commercial R&B videos that take chances like this, and it pays off. If nothing else, it should convince you that Tinashe is a true professional, a gifted dancer, and an extremely attractive human being. Check it out below.

Joyride, I have to imagine, will arrive sometime in 2017.

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