Liz Phair Making Double Album With Ryan Adams

Liz Phair was one of the greatest musical minds to come out of the ’90s, and her first three albums hold up just ridiculously well. But Phair hasn’t released a new album since 2010, and even that was the weird self-released curio Funstyle. The last time she put out an actual studio album on an actual record label, it was 2005’s Somebody’s Miracle. It’s been a minute! So it’s extremely cool to see that Phair has gone to work in Ryan Adams’ Pax-Am studios to record a double album. God knows she must have some songs saved up.

This is the first we’re hearing about this, but Adams tweeted some photos from the sessions last night. It looks like veteran producer Don Was was also on the premises for some reason. Adams says that she knocked out five songs in one day, in Adams’ beloved all-analog fashion, and that Phair is “back to those sounds & that rawness I first heard on Exile.” Check it out:

Phair debuted a new song called “Our Dog Days Behind Us” live last year.