Billy Corgan Gives Update On Potential Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Tour

Billy Corgan Gives Update On Potential Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Tour

This past week, Billy Corgan appeared on the Mancow show on Chicago’s 97.9 The Loop to promote his upcoming Rick Rubin-produced solo album and to explain his new Thirty Days road trip/documentary project. During the interview, he said that the Rick Rubin album would probably be out in “April or May,” and he also addressed the persistent Smashing Pumpkins reunion rumors.

Original guitarist James Iha joined the band onstage for the first time in 16 years several months ago, and when asked if they would play together again, Corgan answered, “Things look good for us getting together to play. We’re talking about it. We’ll see.” He was a little cagier about the prospect of a full original-lineup reunion, but he’s definitely not against it:

There’s a willingness for us to play, but also the world’s changed a lot since we didn’t play. So the reunion thing is always a bit weird because people come in with their expectations. So my whole thing is if we’re gonna do it, I think we do it to make people happy and not go against the tide of what people would want to hear in that type of stuff, but my interest in it is sort of limited. I’m not gonna do it for like 14 years of my life.

Watch below.

In other, less palatable Billy Corgan news, as Alternative Nation reports, he also spent part of the same interview vaguely defending Donald Trump and shitting on his old nemesis Anderson Cooper:

I once had a feud with Anderson Cooper, who ran fake news about me a few years back. I would recommend anyone to watch the clip from last night of Anderson Cooper taking on [Counselor to President Trump] Kellyanne Conway. He spent 7 minutes melting down, it’s one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen from a journalist, especially someone at his level who understands the game. He absolutely is melting down trying to pin her down, and it’s amazing watching the mainstream American media melt down before our eyes. It’s something I thought I’d never see.

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